Crime Watch Procedures

First Call:   911 (emergency) or 327-3811 (non-emergency) for any suspicious activities.  Be calm, accurate and descriptive. Note from Marion County Sheriff’s Department: “You can remain anonymous when you call 911.  Just tell the dispatcher at the beginning of the call that you wish to remain anonymous and no information will be broadcast.  You will not get an officer at your door.” 

Second Call:   Crime Watch Coordinator:   Brian Hughes at 317-442-4154

*All entrances to College Commons have crime watch signs posted, but watching out for what goes on around us is the only real prevention. Anything else is just a reaction.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office have created some very helpful tips with regards to crime watch and burglary prevention.  Check out their web page at the link below, especially their Crime Prevention Programs.

Community Prosecution Division


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