Automated Trash Collection:

College Commons regular trash collection is done weekly on Tuesdays unless the schedule is changed by the city due to holidays, heavy snow or some other unforeseen reason.   In addition, each household may place a maximum of two (2) items of heavy trash out for collection each month.  Heavy trash items will be picked up on the service day during the last full week of the month.

College Commons trash is picked up by Republic Services’ automated trucks from DPW-issued 96 gallon carts.  Each residential unit is issued one cart.  These carts are assigned to the home and must remain there if the resident moves.

If your cart is stolen, first call the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s non-emergency number at (317) 327-3811 to make a police report.  Once you have this report number, give it to the Mayor’s Action Center at 327-4MAC (4622) and ask for a replacement. When the police report is confirmed, a replacement cart will be delivered to your home.

Need more space?  DPW offers additional 96-gallon carts at a one-time cost of $65 each.  While the first cart remains the property of DPW, any additional cart(s) purchased is yours to keep.  Also keep in mind, curbside recycling can dramatically decrease your amount of trash each week and is available in our neighborhood for a fee or can be done using one of 28 drop-off sites.

Cart Guidelines:
Put your cart out by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled pick-up day with arrows facing pick-up point (street or alley).
Place cart as close to the curb as possible, but no farther than 2-3 feet away from the curb.
Keep your cart at least 5 feet away from all objects and buildings.
Put all trash in bags inside the cart.
Do not overload or you may have difficulty controlling the cart.
Do not put sand, soil, rocks or concrete in cart.
Do not put anything hot such as ashes in the cart.
Do not put paints, solvents, gasoline, oil, etc. in the cart.

Trash and Recycling In Winter:
When snow accumulates, residents are responsible not only for shoveling sidewalks, but also for clearing a 4-foot space around trash carts and bags.  Here are a few winter trash/recycle guidelines provided by the city:

  • Put carts, bags and cans in front of, not behind, large snow piles
  • Clear a 4-foot space on each side of your carts, bags and cans to allow access for automated trucks
  • Clear a path to your carts, bags or cans
  • Keep carts, bags and cans away from icy patches for safety
  • Clear snow and ice from carts, bags and cans themselves

The links below provide more detail regarding acceptable and unacceptable trash items.

Regular trash
Heavy trash


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